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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $50! See details.
Now offering free shipping on all orders over $50! See details.



We know that shipping internationally can be a costly and tedious endeavour, especially when it comes to freight charges. Therefore, we would like to share some tips and our experience to make your purchasing experience a cost effective and fuss-free journey with ARIONZE.

A) Are you purchasing samples or bulk purchase?

We would recommend to go for air freight if you are purchasing small quantities for samples. For bulk shipment, please choose sea freight for cost efficiency.

B) The urgency to receive your order.

Expedited shipping service will be subjected to additional surcharges. So, please plan ahead and buffer enough time to avoid incurring unnecessary freight charges.

C) Can you consolidate your multiple products into a single shipment?

  • Increasing the volume of the shipment, you get a lower rate per unit weight freight charge with the shipping carrier. Carriers often offer discounts for larger shipments, as they are more efficient to transport and handle.
  • Consolidating multiple products into a single shipment can also help reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple shipping labels and customs paperwork.
  • This can save time and money, as each individual shipment incurs its own set of fees and administrative costs.
  • Adding more products to a shipment can help reduce the overall weight for packaging material. Shipping charges are often based on the weight of the package, so reducing the weight can result in lower freight costs. This will be more significant especially for air shipping, which is more expensive than sea freight.

Please see the following calculation for a clear illustration:

In this example, adding more units of the products to the shipment results in a lower per unit cost, despite the total freight cost is higher. Larger package qualifies for a discounted rate due to its increased volume, and the fixed freight cost remains the same regardless of the number of products.

This is just one example. Actual cost savings will depend on a variety of factors, such as the weight and dimensions of the products, the shipping destination, and the carrier's rates and fees. Nonetheless, adding more products to a shipment can be a cost-effective way to reduce international freight costs in many cases.

For sea shipment from our China warehouse to destination in Australia and New Zealand, we have our recommended freight company:

M & R Agency
Rob Marotta, International Freight & Logistics Manager
Contact: +61 499 022 484

Please contact him directly to get a quotation and the arrangement for your sea freight. Alternatively, you can source for your preferred shipper.

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